We build Web & Mobile Apps

Get the solutions your problems deserve. Curiola provide the consultancy, development and training to help you succeed.


What combination of technology will help your business flourish?

Our expertise is in articulating the value of available technologies and how you can use them to differentiate yourself in the markets of today and tomorrow.

We are a multidisciplinary team with expertise ranging from the embedded world of connected gadgets right up to the apps and websites that drive your company.

We will work with you every step of the way to turn your idea into a viable, production-ready product.

We develop solutions using the best tools; building web and mobile apps in a fraction of the time. Our winning team and our specialist skills allow us to build your product faster, with less bugs, and for more platforms.

Don’t think of us as just another app development agency, think of us as the R&D team you deserve and your competitors wish they had.


We pride ourselves on providing a critical and independent perspective on the best way to bring your digital creations to life.

Our expert team has been living and breathing product development for over two decades and developed on the web since its infancy.

Our team choose the best technology and are comfortable with:

  • HTML5
  • Javascript (ECMAScript)
  • CSS
  • AngularJS and Angular 2
  • React & Meteor
  • Python
  • Golang


Curiola supplies professional training courses to upskill your development team.

Our team have 5+ years experience of bespoke training and giving talks at conferences and sites around the world - successfully training in excess of 1000 engineers.

We have expertise in:

  • Golang/Python/C/C++11
  • Linux Development/Adminstration
  • Embedded Linux Development
  • Using Docker and Containers
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Infrastructure as Code with Terraform

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